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Injection Molded Plastic Nameplates 

• Copy can be raised or sunk.
• Any color background or copy including the look of metal.
• Nameplate can have any configuration even freeform.
• Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
• Recommended Minimum Qty: 250

Injection molded plastic nameplates and logos from ID3 Logos render unsurpassed detail in three dimension. An injection molded plastic nameplate offers more design alternatives than any other type of medium. Quality unmatched by our competitors, quality that announces the presence of your product with style.
Mounting: Holes, Posts or Adhesive.
Minimum Qty: 250

Molded plastic nameplates can be molded in any color and configuration. On a plastic injection molded three dimensional nameplate, copy can be deeper and is crisper than any other medium.

Color is one of the great attributes of injection molded nameplates and Logos. Color is molded into the nameplate. Color is consistent from lot to lot.

At ID3 Logos, we can decorate your custom plastic molded nameplate/logo in any color or metallic finish.

Injection molded plastic nameplates from ID3 are also available in open style letters. Copy is individual letters, assembled on registered adhesive with a pre-mask for easy application. Available in chrome plate, colors or hot stamped letters.

Chrome plated injection molded nameplates is another product that we offer.

At ID3 Logos, we are working with several customers designing new and exciting looks with the combination of custom plastic 3D nameplates and doming.

Key to quality injection molded nameplates is tooling. At ID3, we build tooling to exacting standards and all molds are meticulously maintained. Yet due to our unique molding systems, ID3 tooling is a fraction of the cost of conventional injection molds. You can read more about our tooling on our design page.

All ID3 Molds are Guaranteed for the Life of the Product!

At ID3, in addition to custom plastic nameplates/logos we also offer injection molded plastic panels and decorative faceplates with 3-Dimensional copy.


Why ID3?


ID3 guarantees the molds for the life of the product. If molds become damaged or worn out, ID3 will pay for the replacement of new molds.


ID3 will manage your inventory and produce product for efficient costs and release product as needed.


Consistent quality and on time delivery:  


ID3 for the past 10 years has enjoyed a reject rate of less than .01%.


We use some of the foils same as Mercedes Benz.


Our major customers have been with us for 15 years average.

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