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Deep Etched Aluminum/Poly

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This combination of aluminum and etched poly renders a nameplate that looks like aluminum but has the deep etch characteristics of zinc. Normal aluminum nameplates are etched at a depth at .005” while deep etched aluminum nameplates from ID3 Logos offers the dramatic .030” etch depth for a bold and pronounced effect. Take a close look at the deep etched nameplate at the top of the page. See the clear sidewalls of the poly? Decoration is on the top surface, and the aluminum is on the bottom surface. Let your imagination run wild in terms of design!

What You Need to Know About Deep Etched Aluminum Nameplates:

  • Etch depth of .030”

  • Are a combination of .032” brushed aluminum with a .030” poly coating

  • EPoly is clear and constitutes the etched portion of the substrate

  • Can be mounted using holes or adhesive

  • Copy is available in multiple colors

  • Copy can be recessed or raised

  • Maximum size is 19” x 25”

  • Minimum Quantity: 25

Please Note! Etched Poly is water soluble and cannot be used in exterior applications or in applications subject to water or excess moisture. 

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