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ID3 Logos - Metal Nameplates

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Metal nameplates from ID3 Logos are a cut above the rest. Using metal for your nameplate design is ideal for industrial, commercial and retail purposes and are unsurpassed in quality and attention to detail.

Our metal etched zinc are of the highest quality for 3D nameplates. A quality produced at ID3 Logos will not be found anywhere else.

The ideal nameplate design for metal nameplate creation is limited colors with dramatic lettering, simple lettering. ID3 Logos will consult with your business on the proper way to transfer your logo design to a metal etched zinc nameplate to look clean and legible while maintaining the integrity of your brand.

ID3 Logos is able to create metal nameplates in several different sizes and shapes, including square, rectangle, or round. The use of etched zinc allows your copy to be raised or recessed for the ultimate aesthetic.

Etched Zinc 3D Nameplates/Logos 
• Deep Etched - .030"

• Copy can be recessed or raised

• Multiple colors available in addition to the color of the metal.

• Mounting: Holes or Adhesive. • Minimum Qty: 25












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