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Monday, 08 February 2016 18:00

Four Key Reasons To Consider Updating Your Nameplate

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#1 If your logo has changed

This may seem obvious, but a logo change typically necessitates a nameplate change. If the basic iconography associated with your product has changed, then your signage should too for consistency in branding. All of your promotional copy should have continuity in order to establish the scope of your brand.


#2 If you're trying to keep up with your competition

If one or more of your biggest competitors has rebranded recently and thus updated their signage, it may behoove you to do so as well. While a company's history and solid reputation go a long way in driving business, customers are definitely drawn to what appears new, polished, and innovative. If you are looking to attract new customers, keeping your brand up to the eye-catching standards that your competitors set is critical. If you've been toying with the idea of updating your nameplate anyway, keeping up with your competitors is a good excuse to do so now.


#3 If your company has merged or changed

If your company has merged with another business, it would be a good idea to reinforce the new culture and new trajectory of the brand through an updated nameplate. This update is symbolic of forward movement as a company and will catch the attention of both loyal and new customers alike. The same goes for any major (positive) changes in the company: new leadership, new territory, and new marketing strategies are a great reason for a new nameplate.


#4 If your product has evolved or changed

Your former nameplate will reinforce your former product, and direct sales away from your new one. If your product has evolved in response to an already demanding market, a new nameplate is definitely cause for celebrating the resiliency, longevity, and success of your product. If your overall product line has expanded, consider whether you'd like to extend your nameplate brand across all products, or whether you'd like to drive sales by creating various nameplates for your array of products. 


Contact ID3 Logos for a consultation about updating your nameplate. Remember, ID3 Logos guarantees a nameplate for the life of the product, so call us today to start creating a nameplate as unique as your brand. 

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