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Custom Designed 3D Logos and Three Dimensional Nameplates 

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ID3 Logos specializes in custom nameplate design knowing that a well-designed industrial nameplate adds depth to your logo, adds quality to your product, and emphasizes your overall brand. The better the nameplate design, the more value you are communicating about your product. Our custom-designed nameplates and logos are three-dimensional and are made for promotional, corporate, and industrial use.

We are committed to making you a nameplate as unique as your brand and our design and manufacturing is done using plastic or metal materials such as metal, molded plastic, etched plastic or etched zinc. We encourage you to peruse our website to get a sense of our nameplate design options and of what makes an ideal nameplate overall. Please keep in mind that great nameplate designs do not always translate perfectly from computer screen to hard copy, so let us help you choose the right material for your nameplate in order to maintain the integrity of your nameplate design.

As in print design, the best looking three-dimensional logos and industrial nameplates use white area or background in order to create a striking balance between copy and background and in order to keep the nameplate design from being too busy. When customizing your nameplate design, there are several key factors that you should take into consideration:

Quantity desired

Different materials are more cost effective depending on the quantity you wish to purchase.



The size of your three-dimensional nameplate will determine pricing. Very large nameplates can be expensive and very small nameplates are hard to manufacture. Discuss your goals with us and we will render perfectly sized nameplates for your purpose. Note that size will also inform how well your nameplate design reads.



Color makes a nameplate design pop, but multiple colors can limit your design. The more intricate the design in regards to color, the less choice you will have in the manufacturing of your nameplate.


Remember that we are here to help, and that we want you to be beyond pleased with the final product. We will guide you in manufacturing the best looking and most cost effective nameplate for your needs. We have designed countless custom nameplates and are excited to assist you in developing the perfect three-dimensional nameplate for your company or product!

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