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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 18:00

The Benefits of Buying Nameplates Online

 In today's day and age, online shopping is the standard for busy but conscientious buyers, but it may not have occurred to you to shop for custom industrial nameplates this way. However, when it comes to industrial logos and nameplates, there are several perks to finding the right vendor online, and ID3 Logos aims to make your online experience as pleasant and effective as possible through our informative and user friendly website.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 18:00

What is Branding and Why Does It Matter?

 You can probably think of countless brands immediately upon hearing the term "brand": Kleenex tissues, Nike shoes, Toll House cookies. But what does "branding" really mean? A brand isn't just the proprietary ownership of a product. It's the complex, dynamic, ever-evolving set of associations people have to a product or service--and cultivating and maintaining an effective brand is critical to the success of a company.


Wednesday, 03 June 2015 19:00

Industrial Nameplates

Industrial Nameplates

At ID3, we specialize in three-dimensional nameplates and logos for industrial products. Industrial products are designed to do things or make things, they can be anything from a guitar amp - medical equipment - gaming equipment - tool box - computer equipment. The function does not matter, what matters is that you just designed and built a great piece of industrial equipment and now you need to brand that product.


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