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ADA Braille Signage

ID3 Logos makes ADA Braille Signage for any number of businesses: hotels, hospitals, schools, office buildings, government agencies, etc., and our unique tooling and injection molding methods can deliver the best braille signage with economic tooling costs. If you are a property manager seeking to achieve compliance with federal ADA regulations, then contact us today. We can help you produce interior ADA compliant braille signage for doorways, elevators, room numbers, fire exits, and more. We can also provide custom designed, decorated or undecorated ADA Braille signage that will match your building's overall architectural design.

ADA braille signage is custom made to your design and colors, is available in zinc (metal) and injection molded (plastic) and is limited only by your imagination!

What You Need to Know About ADA Braille Signage:

  • Etched zinc ADA signage feature a raised copy depth of .030”

  • Braille can be raised and decorated or undecorated for ADA compliance

  • Signage has great depth than engraved and greater detail and crisper copy than cast
  • Injection molded signage does not have any copy depth restrictions

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